January Update

Things are pretty good. I have modified my “absolutely no” stance on the foods I am eating to “usually not but occasionally okay”. I realized since I have already recently completed thirty days of eating whole, unprocessed food, I already know that affects me and what triggers me. Beans don’t bother me or bloat me in small amounts. My big ones are sugar, cheese, and processed wheat. Too much of those things is a problem. So I’m eating clean all week. Allowing a few glasses of wine on weekends. Limiting but not avoiding legumes. I am more interested in changing how I cook and eat for the rest of my life, not in depriving myself for some goal.

For example, last night was one of those nights. Rainy and cold. Husband had to work late. I didn’t feel well. The dog escaped and instead of cooking tacos (taco salad for me) I spent dinner hour finding the dog (we did find him!). By the time I finally got both kids to bed, I was entirely too tired to cook the chicken and veggies that was my back-up, much less the tacos. I started to eat up a frozen pizza but stopped myself. I looked and found some healthy and compliant vegetable soup. I thought I needed wine, but turns out after soup and a little Downton Abbey, I was perfectly content. This is a big change. Simply pausing to consider pizza versus soup. Waiting to make sure I wanted the wine. Little changes. Big improvement. I will admit that I binged on some Pirate’s Booty while calling the animal control. Nervous eating, I know, but my kids would be devastated if we had lost the dog. And you know what? I shrugged and moved on. No need to beat myself up. I can always make a better choice next time. My husband and I always say- what’s the better bad choice? Meaning between the Pirate’s Booty and Cheetoes, the Pirate’s Booty was the better bad choice. Because frankly something was going to be chomped on.

I am cooking more, which is always a good thing. I have even begun to experiment a little. Before I began paying attention to food, I had to follow a recipe EXACTLY. I panicked if I didn’t have exact ingredients. My husband would say oh just add vinegar instead. Which would actually set off little waves of panic. But now I am starting to “get” it. I understand how the ingredients work with each other. I can add something or take away something without crying.

I am trying to keep January focused on food and not gallop off on other tangents, though it’s hard. I went to a yoga class that is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m excited to fully immerse myself in yoga and meditation and slowness soon. But I tend to get overexcited and have all of these plans and then lose interest. So the one month at a time thing has its purpose.

I love everything Galit writes, but thought this post called 6 Habits of Very Happy Women was right on, and every thing this blog is about. Check it out here.

xo A.


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